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Tiesitkö, että Kissakahvila Purnauskiksen löytää monesta sosiaalisesta mediasta? Facebook-sivu on aktiivisimpia tiedotusvälineitä ja pörröisten kissakuvien jakamisen paikka, mutta kahvilan asukkaiden kuulumisia ja kuvia voi seurata myös muualla. Kissakahvilan instagram-tili on aktiivinen ja sisältö painottuu lähes täysin kissoihin. Silloin tällöin mukaan mahtuu myös pieniä videoita, joista pääsee näkemään astetta enemmän karvakorvien komeutta.

Did you know, that Cat cafe Purnauskis can be found in many social medias? Facebook-page is the most active channel for informative posts and sharing fluffy cat pictures, but the cafe's resident's and how they are doing can be followed elsewhere too. The cat cafe's instagram-account is active and the content is focused almost totally to the cats. Every now and then there can be found small videos, where you can see a tiny bit more handsomeness of the furry tails.


Kissakahvilan vierailijat postaavat usein kuvia Instagramiin ja näiden tunnelmia pääsevät helposti kaikki muutkin kissafanit seuramaan, kun postaukseen liittää häshtägin #purnauskis tai lisää sijainniksi Kissakahvila Purnauskis. Kuvaan voi myös merkata Purnauskiksen tilin @purnauskis. Kahvilan vierailijoiden kaikkia persoonallisia kuvia on oikein mukava käydä katsomassa.

The visitors of the cat cafe often post photos to Instagram and these vibes can be easily found by other cat fans, when adding a hashtag #purnauskis to the post or linking the location. The photo can also be tagged with Purnauskis account @purnauskis. It is lovely to see all the unique pictures by the visitors of Purnauskis.

"Cat language lesson:Did you know, that when a cat is squinting their eyes it means they are smiling." 

"Fluffy and cozy valentine's day from all of us at Cat Cafe Purnauskis! ❤"

"Meow~ Have a tasty caturday, okey?"

"Just a wild guess, but that might be the door where the food comes from."

"Lumi the white, guardian of the guestbook! Our guestbook is almost full of stories and beautiful pictures by our customers. When we'll get a new one, the current one will stay at the cafe. Come and write your own stories!"

"This is Hugo.Hugo is taking it easy.Hugo enjoys himself.Be smart.
Be like Hugo.
Have a relaxing Caturday!"

"Piki-Nelli is a good fortune cat. If you see a black cat, you'll be having a beautiful day!"

"Nurri is the cafe's most fierce hunter! She's a real beauty too. Those button eyes!" 

 "Is there anything cuter, than two cuddly kitties?! ♡♡"

"Playtime is not over"

"The little kittens are making customers say "aaw" at the cafe." 

"Tunnel cat Viiru 🐈"

"Mm-yawn..good morning!"

"Piki-Nelli, Lumi & Viiru enjoying Caturday, such a hard day being a cat! ;)"

"Hrrr..it's cold outside! ❄ Luckily cat's are such warm and fluffy company!"

 "It' friday the 13th and Piki-Nelli here wants to remind how black cats are so fluffy and cute and not at all the bringers of bad luck!"

"Pretty little lady Lumi ❤ Just like a framed painting~"

"Hope everyone is enjoying their Caturday!" 

"Thanks for a great week! Us Purnauskis cats will relax now. Have a great evening and a chill sunday!"

"Lumi has her own way of recharhing with sunenergy :)"

 "Viiru the tiny cat of Purnauskis 🐈"

"Töppönen is feeling the friday! Been working so hard."

"Evo here is demonstrating how caturdays are well spent."

"Yes Micu knows he's handsome, who cat doesn't ;)"

"Friday u say? Well every day is a good catnap day."

"Evo and his gigantic paws, with alltogether 28 toes! 🐾 Purnauskis has started to broadcast live with Periscope. You can still go and watch yesterday's clip about Evo. Much more to come!" 


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